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One from PSD

In April I attended a workshop conducted by the “PSD Experience,” in which they brought together a number of mentors and presenters in the style of After Dark. The fact that it was in Norfolk made it irresistible.


I mostly attended sessions, as there were presenters on marketing and on DSLR video, in which I have a keen and abiding professional interest. I did do on a couple of shoots, one led by David Beckstead, who has a stunning style when it comes to wedding photography. (He conducted a one-day workshop the following day, which I really wanted to attend, but could not due to the press of other business. My loss.)


Beckstead brought his model onto the streets of Norfolk of posed her in a way that led to some unconventional bridal poses. A little post processing helps to dramatize as well.




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More from the recent wedding of Stefanie and Kyle in Charleston, SC. It was a real privilege and pleasure to have been there, and to watch the wedding of a young woman who I have known from infancy.


David Ferraro is the principal of Impact Photography, a Norfolk, VA based studio concentrating on weddings, events and portraiture.  If looking for the finest wedding photographers in Virginia Beach or Hampton Roads, be sure to speak with David.

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It was my distinct pleasure to attend the wedding of Stefanie Labash and Kyle Ryan in Charleston, SC last weekend. Stefanie is the daughter of one of my oldest and dearest friends. I’ve known this young woman all of her life, so it was a wonderful moment to be able to share her wedding with her.





































Here is Stefanie dancing her first dance with her father. Anyone who knows Chris knows that absolutely nothing, NOTHING, ever comes between Chris and his children. So it was with great pride that he walked her down the aisle and presided over the proceedings.





































And here is the expression of a proud father dancing with a perfect princess. Every father should wear an expression like this at such a moment!


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Always a good idea to review your images to find things that you might otherwise have overlooked. Rediscovered this little bit of Americana in reworking some images for a bride’s book.  Three peas in a pod . . .


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They abound when covering a wedding. Reviewing some images I’ve fond some that appeal. An eye for the small details can reveal a bride’s intention, attitudes and plans. Certainly her good taste.


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Currently assembling a book for a bride who has placed her order, and am considering some images.


When listening to masters like Martin Graeme-Dunn or Fuzzy Duenkel, you learn how their hyper-awareness of light is fundamental to making a good image. Thus it is really important to remain aware of the possibilities offered by light– no matter what else you may have planned.


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New Years day– which could be written 1-1-11 — is a date that neither Sarah nor Sam will ever forget, as it was their wedding day. Images taken at Thalia Presbyterian and at the reception on the Spirit of Norfolk.  This was a terrific way to bring in the new year! A lovely occasion.



























It is always a pleasure to spend a day with a couple on the first — and most important– day of their lives together. And it is a privilege to document their day, and to create images that will bear the test of time.


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A selection of images taken last Saturday at first Landing State Park with this happy couple. Sara and Sam are getting married on January 1, and we will be there! Took some of these images with a new lens, the Nikkor AF 135mm f/2 D DC. The “DC” stands for “defocus control,” which means you can emphasize the degree of foreground or background blur (bokeh) beyond the sheer potential of a large aperture lens. It works beautifully, as you can see.




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The Huber-Bird wedding at the bandstand on Bethany Beach was a huge success last weekend! And the reception at the Royal Zephyr, featuring dining in train dining cars, was intimate and beautiful. It was a privilege and a pleasure to be there!


Humor and laughter were everywhere apparent.  The nuptials were conducted by Rev. Jacqueline Roderick of Lancaster, PA, a longtime friend of the bride and a funny and gracious lady in her own right.


A beachfront wedding for two incredible people and one blended family. These folks are all about family life and putting their children first. The children were a big part of the ceremony.


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