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In April I attended a workshop conducted by the “PSD Experience,” in which they brought together a number of mentors and presenters in the style of After Dark. The fact that it was in Norfolk made it irresistible.


I mostly attended sessions, as there were presenters on marketing and on DSLR video, in which I have a keen and abiding professional interest. I did do on a couple of shoots, one led by David Beckstead, who has a stunning style when it comes to wedding photography. (He conducted a one-day workshop the following day, which I really wanted to attend, but could not due to the press of other business. My loss.)


Beckstead brought his model onto the streets of Norfolk of posed her in a way that led to some unconventional bridal poses. A little post processing helps to dramatize as well.




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Posted by: David    Tags:      Posted date:  June 26, 2011
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David Ferraro first picked up a camera in 1958 when his parents gave him a Kodak Brownie for his eighth birthday. Thus began a lifelong passion for photography and image making. He began his media career as a news photographer, and transitioned into video in the seventies. Over the last forty years, he built a career creating images and telling stories. David learned early on that a producer-director is first and foremost an interpreter, telling a story through ideas and images. That what Impact Photography, one of the premier wedding photographers in Hampton Roads, does: tells your story through carefully crafted images. Let David and Impact Photography interpret your event, create your portrait, and tell your story.