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Generally it takes several weeks for a bride to return from her honeymoon, write thank-you notes, arrange her new life and otherwise find the time to review her proof images from the wedding. She’ll review them, then consult her new husband,  and determine which ones she would like to include for a coffee table book. Given that it takes some time to create a layout, submit that to the bride, respond then act upon (usually multiple) revisions, then send the book to the printer and wait for delivery, the entire process can take a couple of months.


Shereeva and Charles were married in Portsmouth a while back and then life happened. A cherished family member passed. School and work schedules intervened.  And the months rolled on before they were able to make their selects for the book.


I am delighted to say that this past week, I was able to put their coffee table books in their hands, and I just LOVED Shereeva’s response:

“I love love love the books, David! My mom was grinning from ear to ear when I gave it to her yesterday. Charles has taken ours to work to show it off to his co-workers 🙂 Thank you so much.”


Words like that not only  make me happy; this is the reason that photographers do what they do. To create joy for others through imagery. Here are a couple more from the couple’s wedding and book.







David Ferraro is the principal of Impact Photography, a Norfolk, VA based studio concentrating on weddings, events and portraiture. The studio website is, and David’s blog is If looking for the finest wedding photographers in Virginia Beach or Hampton Roads, be sure to speak with David.


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David Ferraro first picked up a camera in 1958 when his parents gave him a Kodak Brownie for his eighth birthday. Thus began a lifelong passion for photography and image making. He began his media career as a news photographer, and transitioned into video in the seventies. Over the last forty years, he built a career creating images and telling stories. David learned early on that a producer-director is first and foremost an interpreter, telling a story through ideas and images. That what Impact Photography, one of the premier wedding photographers in Hampton Roads, does: tells your story through carefully crafted images. Let David and Impact Photography interpret your event, create your portrait, and tell your story.